Internal Process FAQs

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions Recruiters receive about the hiring process:

How do I find the most current list of internal job openings and how frequently are they updated?

The easiest way to find current openings is by going to the Internal Careers Portal.  To view, you need to be connected to the network.  If working remote, you will need to connect to the VPN.

Do I have to apply for every internal job I am interested in?

We want to ensure we are aware of all your skills and experience when you are looking for a new AHA opportunity.  When you apply our system lets us know you have applied so we can be sure to review your qualifications and capture you as an applicant.

What is the best way to keep up with all open positions?

Create a Job Agent on the Internal Careers Portal.  Job Agents allow applicants to submit their e-mail address to the system in order to receive notifications of all newly posted positions applicable to the candidates’ skills and experience.


How do I create a job agent?

  • Click on 'Create Job Agent' and complete the required fields. (Note: you must upload a resume/CV to create a Job Agent.)
  • Fill in your e-mail address and choose a password that you will remember.  You will need to remember the email address and password that you used in order to log back into the system in the future.  If you forget your password, you will need to create a new job agent.
  • The job agent is designed to automatically send positions to you that match your resume based on the percentage that your resume/CV is a fit to a position.   You will be able to set the percent match that you prefer.


In order to apply for a job will I need to complete a profile even if I completed a job agent?

Yes. Please upload a resume and submit your profile and resume each time you are interested.


How do I find out who the Recruiter is working the position? 

Founders Affiliate:                  Curtis Pollen

Great Rivers Affiliate:              Jung Kim-Perry

Greater Southeast Affiliate:      Kit Baston

Mid-Atlantic Affiliate:               Jennifer Givens

Midwest Affiliate:                    Cindy Sinnott

National Center:                      Gary Quarles, Cindy Dale, Nisha Raghavan, Jenny Shalifoe

Southwest Affiliate:                 Dennis Wilson and Janice Anderson

Western States Affiliate:          Shelley Profenius


Please reach out to the respective Recruiter assigned to a location or job opportunity and s/he will be glad to help you.

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